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IT Element Company Limited

IT Element Co., Ltd. (ITE) is an IT Services firm that specializes in helping customer increase performance in handing IT works. ITE team members are as strong background technical project managers/consultants with a wide variety of financial business experience especially in Securities Trading business as well as information technology security consulting through some of our partners.

Our services are designed for consistency, quality, and affordability obtainable through a single source. Services offered include on-site support, remote helpdesk, network server management and monitoring, relocation consulting, a comprehensive training program as well as applications development.

In this Global economy with shortages of IT personnel and limited budgets, ITE offers a single-source service solution. We aim to provide customers with the best-suited professionals for the job, enabling efficient, effective and exceptional results.

Our solutions are proven not only to minimize customer investment and operation cost but also create efficiency to business. Products and services offered will be designed as practical solution to customers, especially brokerage firms as we have most experiences.


ITE provides Information Technology services in the areas of building application system, applications development as well as information technology architecture consulting. We offer experienced consultants to provide design, implementation and support services to assist businesses in developing and deploying effective IT strategies.

Applications Development

ITE provides a full range of application development services to help our customers maximize the use of technology. We develop custom database and automation applications designed to specifications. Each business is unique, so we work closely with our customers to determine their requirements, produce the desired solution, and refine it until it is just right. Our core developments are in the area of equity, fund, derivative and fixed income trading and other instruments as pipeline into our direction.

The applications we specialized will be covered web-based, web services, and client server. Platform can be Microsoft or Open source. And soon to be cloud platforms extension.

Our solutions will have unique in term of value that will make systems and services different from others. We integrate all elements into solutions ready to be used to save a lot of customer time and ready to customize to enhance value. As a result, the solution we deliver will cover customer solution.

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Our Products currently divided in to 4 business units as follows:

Front Office
( Derivatives, Multimarket )

Support Realtime Trading system on Equity and Derivatives markets for Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX). Various products are available to support both broker trader and investor for realtime market and order on multi devices. Some products support users on program trading, excel tools and including risk monitoring.
- FOX : Futures Order and eXecutions system – for TFEX
- FOXNET : Internet Trading system – for TFEX
- FOXSAM : Simulation Alert and Risk monitoring system
- FOXNET Webservice : Webservice and gateway for TFEX
- OWL : MultiMarket and multimedia Display
- FOXMOBILE : Mobile for investor on smartphone/iPhone/iPod
- FOXALERT : Realtime Expression alert to SMS, Email,Twitter, Facebook, Client Agent.
- FOXBOT : Realtime Automated response chat robot (web chat)
- MFOX : Multimarket Financial Order and Execution (multimarket, multi-channel, multi-devices in one platform trading)
- FOX EXCEL : MultiMarket data, order, technical analysis for MS Excel
- FOXCOP : Program Trading

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( Selling agent, Portfolio Management )

supporting fund management business such as fund selling agent and omnibus, private fund, portfolio and wealth management. Supplement products are investment advisory tools to help fund manager, fund advisor and investor.
- SEAL : SElling Agent Legacy system (with omnibus).
- SEALNET : Selling agent for internet investor.
- SEALNET Webservice : Webservice for SEAL.
- SEALALERT : Alert to SMS, Email.
- SEALAM, SEALNET AM : for asset management company.
- SEALMobile, SEALNATIVE :Mobile Fund investor (responsive web, native app)
- SEALREF : Selling agent for agent/referrer/freelancer
- SEALAdvisor : Fund Tools for Marketing/Investor.
- FireSWAN Multi-instrument Portfolio management : Financial Portfolio with embedded workflow – for private fund, inbound-outbound investment, wealth management.

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Back office
( Settlement, Risk, Workflow )

supporting operations with centralize control of customer management, open account, KYC/CDD, Suitability, FATCA, with automation process to monitor certain functions with workflow and alert. It’s also support various integration to various core backoffice.
- HAWK : Handling With centralised KYC/CDD – multi backoffice and centralized customer system
- TIGER Edoc : E document and imaging system
- SWAN Centralized Customers Management system : Backoffice with workflow embedded support broker business from open account flow, kyc/cdd, Suit/Fatca, other operations, and multi-purpose forms/flows.
- ISWAN : Internet engine for supporting investor workflow and e-form.

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General Business

Our innovative application maker tools can help business to build application faster and easier. User can create forms, flow and even application, our tools will generate into application runnable into multi-devices, on web responsive, and native application instantly. With this tool and provided cloud ecosystem, there are various type of business application available as ready application or as template for building other application.
- SWAN : Workflow automation for general business, ERP (unlimit forms, unlimit flows, external application interface).
- CSWAN : Cloud e-form, e-flow, e-doc, e-report.
- STARDUST : Cloud Project Management and Customer Support system.
- Etc.

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